Design Challenge: 100 design options in 3 minutes?

One of my friends, Mr. T, a software developer, had bought a house, about 65 m2 (9×7.2). He wants to convert this into a flat for him and his wife. They are both in their 50s now.

More about his desire, he wanted to demolish all the internal walls (which are partly rotted), only keep the external ones. He also sends me a building program that goes as the followings: Living room = 22 m2; Kitchen area = 12 m2; Bedroom1 = 15 m2; Laundry and Toilet = 10m2 (variable 1); and hall or storage = 6 m2 (variable 2).

And he wants me to send him as many options as possible, so he can choose the best one. This is not my way of working, but I take it as an opportunity to build a small app, customizing for this particular client.

After 3 days of work, the app is below, for PC only. You can play with it at your end.


(type key “h” for horizontal, “v” for vertical arrangement; and “r” for variation)

The app allows you to have 100 variations within one or two minutes, if you are happy with the result, hit “s” to save it and simply use tracing papers to add furniture onto each room. Mr. T loves it, I know, he is a software developer.

To the curious minds, I used Treemap algorithm to create this app with Javascript. No high tech, no expensive software. But fun enough to play?

Minh Nguyen