Our Story

Meo Atelier was founded in Weimar in 2007 and then relocated to Wellington in 2012. Being directed by Dr. Minh Nguyen, Meo Atelier has been transformed itself from a traditional into research-led design practice. Reflecting Minh’s interest, Meo Atelier’s focus has been extended from a spatial design domain to the areas of generative design, digital prefabrication, and software development.

Our Design Philosophy

Meo Atelier’s aim is to bring forward the development of a “Sensible Architecture”. Sensible relates to reality, to observation, to simplification, and mainly, to results. Meo Atelier does not only conceive architecture, but rather delivers architecture, seeking to carry forward the Modernist dream of prefabrication, of integrated design, of architectural democratization. A “Sensible Architecture” can also be sensitive, by means of applying traditional materials with a thorough sensorial care, stimulating the way people identify and engage with space, images and forms.

Our Team

  • Dr Minh Nguyen, Director & Design Manager in New Zealand
  • Tiffany Pride, Architectural Technician
  • Hanh Nguyen, Office Manager in Hanoi