Joy of the fish…

The Joy of the fish is a famous philosophical discussion in Chinese literature.  My version of the story goes like this. Minh went to a conference in Wellington to present his research findings on how Chinese people using open public space. To conclude the talk…

Minh said: “Chinese people are very positive. They are so happy.'”

A challenger asked: “You are not Chinese; how would you know that they are happy?”

Minh replied: “You are not I; how would you know that I wouldn’t know?”

To most Chinese researchers and experts, I am an outsider and would never know or gain the required insights of the insiders. Therefore, my research findings would never be as good as those coming from inside. However, I truly believe, when it comes to certain areas of creativity and innovation, being an outsider is actually an important advantage. Knowing too many insights, too many existing problems and facts is often a good thing, but at the same time it builds up a metal wall that hinders the insiders from seeing opportunities on the table. I am a happy outsider on this journey.

Minh Nguyen

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