Open Source Small Home Design for Senior People in New Zealand

Do you know the percentage of one-person households in advanced countries? The figure would surprise most of us. In some countries like Denmark, Germany, and Finland, this figure is more than 40% already. And when we combined one- and two-person households, the percentage will be even higher, and more importantly it is on a steady rise.

And yet, the most popular developer homes in New Zealand are still designed to accommodate standard families with parents and children. I believe that architects and designers shall be focusing on the design and making of small homes for New Zealand’s future.

I am very pleased to be involved in a new project that is set out to do just this. A group of talented designers in Wellington is planning to complete the first Open Source Small Home design for senior people this year. Worth noticing, the design will be open source for all end-users. They are now in the first phase of their design process, conducting a research survey to understand the actual needs of senior people.

It would be great if you can help them to fill the form below and further circulate it. It takes only about 5 mins to complete. Click HERE

I will share the result when finishing.

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  1. Many thanks to Relda Hermann who is managing this survey
  2. Link to form: