Current Research Interest

Being led by Dr Minh Nguyen, conducting research is part of Meo Atelier’s DNA. Our research interest in the past includes different areas from generative design to construction prefabrication. We have shifted the focus of our research into new frontiers. We look into how to blend landscape, the mother nature more and more with buildings by the use of natural materials and construction methods.

We also believe that closing the gap between the built environment and nature will offer us a new way to approach design. Namely, we believe and strive to design buildings and the space between them as an instrument to nurture the seeds of happiness and heal the wounds of modern societies.

Rammed Earth Architecture

Cultural Building Design

Playful Architecture

Green Roof Construction

Floating Homes

Previous Research Projects

Developing Building Design Canvas, an Android application to support the architectural design process

Scope: Developing an Androi application to manage and collaborate architectural design process

Timeframe 2019-2020

Collaborator: Chalinor Baliuag (Software developer), Binil Davis, Asha Paul (Web developer)


Prefabricated Architecture and the future of timber-construction in New Zealand

Scope: Pilot project to optimsize the design and manufacturing process of timber-framed building using CNC machine

Timeframe 2019-2020

Collaborator: Binil Davis, Patrick McDonald and Johny McMilland


Developing an Android application to support the design of timber-framed houses in New Zealand

Scope: Developing a web-based application to simplify the use of NZS 3604

Timeframe 2017-2019

Collaborator: Chalinor Baliuag (Software developer)


Web-based solution for building layout generation

Scope: Developing a web-based light application to generate building floorplans

Timeframe 2018-2019

Collaborator: Chalinor Baliuag (Software developer)


Generative Design and Manufacturing

Scope: Optimizing the workflow between several devices involving in the generative design and manufacturing process

Timeframe 2017-2018

Collaborator: Dipl-Ign. Frank Beinersdorf (Mechatronics)

Smartphone Use and the Life of Open Public Space in New Zealand

Scope: This research project focuses on the impact of smartphone on user’s behaviour in open public space in Wellington City

Timeframe 2018-2019

Collaborator: Professor Diane Brand and Dr Thu Phuong Truong

Silver Movement

Scope: This research project focuses on the economic aspect of the pedestrian movement of the elderly in Wellington City

Timeframe 2017-2018

Collaborator: Professor Diane Brand and Dr Thu Phuong Truong


Increasing Social Interaction through Spatial Design

Scope: This research project investigates how simple spatial interventions could improve social interaction among the elderly in open public spaces

Timeframe: 2018-2019

Collaborator: Professor Diane Brand and Dr. Thu Phuong Truong


Towards the Making of User-Friendly Public Space in China

Scope: This PhD research investigated behavior patterns of Chinese people in open public spaces and consequently provided a practical guidance for urban designers and policy makers in China. More of this research could be viewed HERE

Timeframe: 2012-2016 | Supervisors: Professor Jules Moloney, Professor Diane Brand, and Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel