Our Story

Meo Atelier designs elegant, calm, and yet playful architecture. Based in Wellington since 2015 and led by Dr Minh Nguyen, our studio’s portfolio spans many sectors, but primarily focuses on small cultural buildings and housing.


At Meo Atelier, we believe that good architecture does not only fulfill clients’ briefs, but it has the power to culture the silence and inner calm we need in our society today. Through thoughtful configuration of space, materials, and light, we attempt to design buildings that evoke, inspire, and capture the imagination.

Dr Minh Nguyen

Dr. Minh Nguyen studied architecture at Bauhaus University Weimar, the birthplace of modern architecture, and VTECH, Virginia. He spent 10 years of his young age studying, working, and traveling in Europe, the United States, and Asia, before reallocating to New Zealand in 2011. 


Being involved in the design and cosntruction of multiple successul projects, but from deep inside, I was not happy if my buildings simply try to please the eyes of the users or meet investors’ profit expectations. I wanted to explore the depth of architecture, the emotional dimension of space that could transform and empower individuals and our communities.

This underlying question has set the path for my journey since then.  This was the reason why I took another 3 years for my PhD study at Victoria University of Wellington and also the motivation for me to start MEO ATELIER.

As a principal academic in New Zealand, Dr Minh Nguyen enjoys teaching and research but always has time for projects and clients who share parallel values and aspirations. 

Meo Atelier’s Collaboration

Meo Atelier harnesses the power of collaboration. We work closely with our local partners, architects, and contractors alike, from very early phases to the completion of a project. Attention is placed on any single step of the process, from the list line on a drawing to the last brick, all needs to be done thoughtfully. 

List of our international collaborators:

  • Hoang Le, registered architect, director of Le Studio Architects in Vietnam
  • Cuong Do, registered architect, director of B5 Studio in Vietnam
  • Son Phung, registered architect, director of Rendeffect Gmbh in Germany

List of our local collaborators:

  • Sarah Beresford, Architectural designer in New Zealand
  • Adrianne Oak, Landscape architect in New Zealand
  • Mark Carran, director of Mark Carran Building in New Zealand

Meet Meo Atelier Family


Dr Minh Nguyen

Design Director
tiffany truong

Dr Thu Phuong Truong

Chief Financial Advisor

Sarah Beresford

Architectural Designer

Mr Cuong Do

Registered architect

Adrienne Oaks

Landscape architect

Mr Hoang Le

Registered architect